We serve owners of privately-held companies. Everything we do is to improve their lives. We feel that each owner is unique and important to our society. We improve their lives by removing barriers that get in their way. We happen to have unique tools, talents, and processes.


Owners of privately-held companies usually need on-site assistance from two important services: CFO Services; and Exit Strategy Services.


 CFO Services


(Grow Successfully™)

Most growth companies eventually hit a ceiling or plateau at which time they need services that can’t be provided by their internal staff and/or external professionals. These services are often provided by a trained professional typically called a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). These professionals usually have 20+ years of seasoned experience and can cost as much as $250,000 a year, including health insurance, bonuses, and benefits.


Most growth companies that need the internal services of a CFO can’t afford the cost. Additionally, these companies do not need a CFO on a full-time basis. The growth companies are usually caught between two difficult decisions. Do they go without the services they need from a CFO or do they pay the burden of the high cost of this professional? Many wish they had “an alternative” between these two choices.


We are the Alternative for CFO Services


We have provided "the alternative" between the two above choices since 1987. We provide CFO services on an as-needed basis. We gladly help growth companies that may only need our services on site for a few hours a month.




Exit Strategy Services


(Exit Successfully™)

Most owners of privately-held businesses will go through a transition in the future. That transition may be to sell their business to a third-party, ESOP, Private Equity Group (PEG), management, or someone else. Again, we discovered that owners of privately-held companies often wished they had “an alternative” to the typical professional services that are offered during these transitions.


We are the Alternative for Exit Strategy Services


We are “the alternative” to the typical professional services on an exit or buy transition. We use unique tools, talents, and processes to help the business owner(s) through the transition. Not only are our professionals qualified, but we have published books and software to help with these transitions.

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