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PlanGuru is a budgeting, forecasting and performance review software developed to fit the needs of any sized business. Whether you need to create for your client a high-level forecast for the bank or a multi-departmental operating budget, PlanGuru will enable you to create a more accurate analysis in less time.

The Perfect Tool for Providing CFO Services


PlanGuru's budgeting, forecasting and reporting tools will save you time and improve collaboration with your clients. No longer will you have to build complex Excel formulas or learn how to use other tedious, expensive solutions. PlanGuru provides you with a flexible, easy-to-use interface that integrates all 3 financial statements. With a more accurate analysis, you'll generate more profits and help your clients make better business decisions.

With PlanGuru you'll be able to:


       Budget and forecast for up to 10 years

       Have a built-in integrated Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow

       Import historical data from Excel or QuickBooks

       Access to 20+ standard forecasting methods

       Build customizable forecasting methods

       Have automatic financial ratios and break-even analysis

       Build consolidations and create business valuations

       Deliver Budget vs. Actual Reporting and Assumptions Reports

PlanGuru also provides you with multiple ways to deliver insightful reports to your clients:


       Advanced Reporting Add-in for Excel: build and run any type of custom PlanGuru reports in Excel

       PlanGuru Analytics: a web based dashboard and reporting tool which quickly provides you and your clients online access to

       both high level KPIs and detailed financial performance. Through a secure login, your clients can view dashboards, charts

       and reports on any web enabled device.

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