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Businesses with effective risk management processes often pay exactly the same expensive premiums as those without. When a claim arises, the traditional insurer controls your legal efforts, your settlement and the claim's final cost - often without considering its validity or any potential damage to your company's reputation. In addition 40% of your commercial premium dollar goes to insurer expenses and profits.

Captive Benefits


A Captive Insurance Company is a private insurance company designed to insure the risk of an owners' business entities, giving much greater control over premium budgeting, cash flow and loss settlement - while building a tax efficient investment fund.

Cash flow improvements are achieved in a number of ways.


       A focus on risk management, safety and loss control inherently offers financial reward.

       Successful loss control results in underwriting profits

       Invested premiums result in investment gains

       Reducing expense factors by more than 25% can save significant cash

       Premium tax deductions can be substantial

With a captive, business owners can:


       Fund selected self-insured risks

       Eliminate commercial insurer high expense loads

       Transfer high risks to traditional insurers

       Leverage government-provided tax incentives

       Build tax-deferred resources to fund growth


Setting up a captive insurance company can involve layers of complexity. That's why business owners turn to Captive Alternatives for help in creating and managing the innovative Protected Captive™.

Why Cap Alt?


Today, CapAlt manages more than 130 Protected Captive insurance companies. Due its unique Puerto Rico insurance structure, CapAlt can build a new Protected Captive in weeks rather than months.


       CapAlt follows a time-tested traditional insurance structure with an insurance company issuing policies to the insured, and then ceding

       reinsurance to the captive structure.


       Underwriting and Pricing is done through a Professional Actuarial firm. Captive financial statements are prepared by an external CPA firm.


       CapAlt operates a sophisticated Protected Captive banking structure and works closely with Morgan Stanley, and other premium brands, to

       provide banking services.


       The CapAlt program is set up in Puerto Rico under innovative International Insurer rules. It offers a number of alternative captive structures such

       as the Sec 831(b), and the Puerto Rico International Insurer model.


       The CFO of CapAlt has been working with captive insurance for 30 plus years, including managing a portfolio of Big Pharma international

       captives and serving as a Divisional CFO with Zurich Insurance. He is also a former B2B CFO.


Join us at the 2016 B2B CFO conference to learn more about captives and how they can help your clients. Hear a panel of B2B CFO Partners describe their clients and captive success stories.

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